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About Joel Robinson

Cover Artist, Scream Factory

Joel Robinson is an American horror artist specializing in character portraits. Being a classically trained artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Joel uses traditional techniques and current technology to bring a new take on horror to his audience. He is best known for using vibrant colors to illuminate the darkest of subject matters. Joel’s clientele includes such horror greats as George A. Romero, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Rooker, Dee Wallace, Danielle Harris, and Kane Hodder among others.

He grew up on horror, loving Famous Monsters of Filmland and the great VHS slasher hits from the 80s. Bringing together his lifelong love for horror and his passion for art, Joel is now a frequent guest at Horror Conventions across the United States. He also works regularly as a staff artist for HorrorHound Magazine and made his HorrorHound cover debuts for the Special March and May/June Issue #29 in 2011. 

In 2013 Joel made his debut at Shout! Factory. Joel's Vincent Price artwork can be seen on the blu-ray release of The Vincent Price Collection. Joel has since completed 13 more Special Edition Covers for such movies as: Clive Barker's NightBreed and Lord of Illusions, Ginger Snaps and The Vincent Price Collection II.

In March 2015 Joel became an Officially Licensed Artist for the Vincent Price Estate.

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